The Story of the Dogface Butterfly Book
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The Story of the Dogface Butterfly Book
Click on the image above to see a few pages from this new book.

This makes a great gift for a K-6 classroom, along with the California Dogface Butterfly State Insect poster.

The book is 35 pages long. It tells the untold story of the California dogface butterfly. Beautiful illustrations depict the life cycle of this butterfly and the children who helped designate it as the California State Insect. The book includes information on the host plant of the California dogface butterfly- false indigo- species name, Amorpha californica.

There are also ecology, life cycle, taxonomy and conservation issues presented that are relevant to grades K-6 that can be used in classroom curriculum.

A glossary in the back highlights key terms. And there is a set of photographs of the California dogface and another yellow butterfly to help you determine if you have ever really seen the California State Insect.

The book was written by Fran Keller. The beautiful illustrations were done by Laine Bauer, a recent undergraduate UC Davis Art student who graduated in June. Each illustrated page was done in water color and ink by Laine while she was an undergrad at UCD. Laine worked closely with Fran and members of the Bohart Museum to accurately illustrate this amazing butterfly. Laine even went out into the field and had the opportunity to see the dogface butterfly's natural habitat and hundreds of butterflies.

Photographs were provided by naturalist Greg Kareofelas and show in exceptional detail how unique the California dogface butterfly (Zerene eurydice) is compared to the more common Orange Sulfur butterfly (Colias eurytheme).

And you and your child can follow the small caterpillar at the bottom of certain pages as it slowly changes from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.

The net proceeds from the sale of this book go directly to the Education, Outreach and Research Programs of the Bohart Museum of Entomology.

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